The introverts guide to photography

Introvert guide photography

I’ve written before, both in this blog and in the course Take a Break: Photography for Self-care, about using your camera as a way to escape from your day-to-day life. Most of us can’t claim photographer as our day job. We do other work which pays the bills — but that work often drains us. […]

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Mode dial: Which exposure mode should you use?

mode dial easy

Your camera’s exposure mode dial is probably the most daunting of the controls on your camera — especially if you’re new to photography. The mode dial is where you make exposure choices. The word, exposure, or exposure value (Ev) is a photo term that describes the quantity of light, or brightness. In photography, exposure in your photo is […]

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Take in the Good

the good

One of our favourite lessons in Take a Break: Photography for Self-care is Lesson 4, Take in The Good. Our students agreed and some have shared that the concept of intentionally looking for The Good — and using their cameras to do so — has remained with them long after they completed the course. Does […]

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Capture a photo from video

capture photo from video

You can easily capture a photo from your video clips that were taken with any kind of camera, including your mirrorless camera, 4K camera, dSLR, GoPro, or your iPhone. The video here shows you how to capture photos in Photoshop CC as well as Adobe Lightroom. These methods are better than making a screen capture, […]

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New Camera Jitters

new camera jitters

Did you just get a new camera? If it’s an upgrade to a camera brand you’ve used before it won’t be hard to transition into the newer model. But, if it’s a completely new system, like going from dSLR to mirrorless — you’ve probably got the new camera jitters! It’s time to get into the […]

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How to Clean your Camera Sensor

clean camera sensor

In this post I’ve got two videos showing you how to get a clean camera sensor – even one with lots of dirt stuck to it. A dirty camera sensor is the one of the most frustrating things, because often you don’t notice it until you’ve taken a lot of photos – like on a holiday. I’ve been there! […]

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Photography as a Gift


When I wrote the course Take a Break: Photography for Self-care, I began the lesson Photography as a Gift with a google search of the word generosity.  I hoped to inspire our students to not only take photos for themselves but to give prints, cards, and photo books as gifts and to see their photography as an extension […]

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PhotoScan App review and demo


I tested out Google’s PhotoScan app, recently. I’m not a fan of flatbed scanning photos. If I want copies of photos, I use my camera and set up copy stand lighting. But that takes a lot of time and some extra lighting gear too. Not everyone has all that. I’ve tested the PhotoScan app on an iPhone 6s, […]

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Photo Lab Printing

photo lab test image

Not long ago, photo lab printing was a huge part of your photography process. You shot a roll of film, dropped it off at the lab, and one to 24 hours later, you picked up  your prints. But then digital happened. And then social media happened. And mobile phones with high resolution cameras happened. And now most […]

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