Edit your photos using Luminar – Part 1

What the heck is Luminar? Luminar is stand-alone photo editing desktop application.

This is the first in a series of tutorials I’m creating on Luminar. You’ll learn the basics of the interface and how to use dramatic filter pre-sets.

If you don’t want to cough up monthly fees to Adobe for Photoshop and Lightroom CC, you’re going to love Luminar.

And, you’ve probably heard that Adobe is changing the game for Creative Cloud too.

Right now Luminar is Mac only, but soon, very soon, days actually, a Windows version will be released. I read it on their blog.

If you love the simplicity of Instagram filters and the powerful features of Photoshop, you’ve got to check out this software.

What you’ll love about Luminar

  • The price – You can get Luminar for under $US 60. I have a coupon code to get $10 off
  • Intuitive interface – sliders are the most intuitive way to edit
  • Lots of filters that you’ll actually use – Photoshop filters feel a bit 1990s to me
  • Accent AI Filter –  move this slider and watch your photos jump off the screen
  • Simple to understand masking feature – which I’m covering in my next tutorial
  • Non-destructive image editing – don’t worry about wrecking your original jpgs
  • Layers – Stack your edits, filters and filter pre-sets on different layers so you can turn them on and off
  • Real time edits – the tools and filters do their job right in front of your eyes
  • Ability to edit Camera Raw files – if you just gotta shoot raw
  • Batch processing

What I wish it had

  • Watermarking – coming soon
  • Digital Asset Management – coming soon

Luminar Coupon Code

If you’ve read all the way to the bottom of this post, you’re in luck, because I’ve got a coupon code for you.

If you purchase Luminar using this link, use the coupon code: imagemaven to get $10 off.

Want to try before you buy? Download the trial version here.

P.S. Luminar for Windows coming soon…..

Luminar 2018 for Windows (and Mac) will be available for pre-order on November 1, 2017

Will you try Luminar? Let me know in the comments.