Good composition is the strongest way of seeing

Struggling with all the technical elements of digital photography like how to set up the camera and how to best post process your files? It can be very frustrating! To reduce the stress of taking perfect pictures, get back to the basics of designing your photos. To do so, knowing some basic compositional rules will help. Good composition is the strongest way of seeing. This was penned by Edward Weston.

Shoot only with photographic composition in mind

Get out your camera and take 100 photos of anything at all!

  • Put your camera on Program mode
  • Set your camera to ISO 200 if you are outside and ISO 400+ if you are inside
  • Use Auto White Balance for this exercise, if you aren’t yet comfortable with the pre-sets
  • Don’t worry too much about exposure, if you are still new at this
  • Concentrate on taking photographs using one basic compositional element at a time
  • Now, go hunting for some great photos

Use these compositional elements to start:

  • Rule of thirds
  • Simplicity
  • Framing
  • Angles
  • Patterns
  • Shapes

Review some samples of basic compositional elements in this presentation. And remember, good composition gives immediate access and attention to your photographs. It’s an invitation to come on in and look around.

Notice the quality of the light while you are out and about taking your 100 photographs.

  • Is it soft with no shadows?
  • Do the shadows have distinct edges to them?
  • Is it bright?
  • Does it come from one direction or many directions?
  • How does the light affect your subject?

One of the keys to great photography is great Composition. Have fun!

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