Hybrid Imaging is the NEW Photography

Photography has changed. Now it’s hybrid imaging.

In the first wave of digital imaging you moved from film to digital. But photography changed again, when that video button was added to your camera.

That actually happened a long time ago (in digital years) but maybe you still haven’t quite wrapped our heads around what to do with it. You don’t really want to be videographers. You want to be photographers, and you need to use the tools available and give our clients the products they want.

The tools to create images are now smarter too.

You have smarter cameras that do both video and stills easily. You have smarter assembly tools so that you don’t have to learn video editing. You have smarter delivery methods. You can stop burning DVDs or handing out fancy USB drives.

And now you view things more on screens than on the printed page

  • You’ve got screens in our pockets with our smart phones
  • You share photos and videos via social media
  • You watch YouTube videos for entertainment and education
  • You learn new skills via online courses

Are you seeing the trend here? Everything involves a screen. The printed page, albums, books and photo prints are disappearing faster than ever before.

Hybrid imaging is the new photography.

This isn’t just me spouting this stuff. At the 2014 WPPI in Vegas, major players in the photo industry were introduced to this hybrid message. And it’s time you started paying attention too.

Hybrid = Photo + Video + Audio


Hybrid imaging combines photos, video clips and audio using assembly software, templates, and a bare minimum of editing. The photos and video clips are adjusted properly in the camera. That keeps the post production costs lower than regular video, and much lower than fusion products.

Your final hybrid eProduct is a link to a video slideshow that you can share, download, embed and view on a screen.

  • It’s perfect for events such as weddings, parties, recitals, sports meets, family reunions, retirement parties, fox hunts, marathons …. I think you get it by now
  • Imagine a photo+video booth at your next corporate party
  • It’s also great for sharing an artist’s portfolio
  • And for introducing your company’s new product line
  • Or selling your next house – realtors take note
  • Share your holiday photos with friends and family back home (using a mobile slideshow app)
  • Choose hybrid for your next family portrait
  • Or a moving hybrid engagement session

Learn how to create your first hybrid video in this course: Video Made Easy


What does a hybrid eProduct look like?

All of the following videos were created using auto-editing software. No video editing software was used.

Here’s a Save the Date hybrid

Here’s a video portrait of an 80 year old biker chick.


Here’s a hybrid of an event I shot for a client

And here’s a hybrid I created while on holiday, right from my iPad

Here’s a hybrid of a fireworks display, with longer video clips using a variety of transitions.

Whether you use auto editing software or like to edit using your video software, Hybrid is a great way to present photos and videos in short, succinct packages that are easy to share on social media.

Hybrid imaging is the new photography. And it’s here now.