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This page is for people who love shooting with Lumix cameras! It is a collection of our blog posts that are relevant to Lumix camera users.

Lumix G9 Burst Modes – Everything you need to know
The Lumix G9 burst modes will help you capture even the fastest moving subjects at their decisive moment. Using the Super[...]
Panasonic Lumix G9 – First Impressions
In this video I give an overview and my first impressions of the new Lumix G9. I just purchased this camera[...]
What to do after un-boxing your new camera
Watch the video below to learn the best practices after unboxing your new camera. I'm probably too late. You've already[...]
Should you shoot jpg or raw?
In this video I’m going to tackle the biggest debate in photography history: jpg vs. raw. The issue of jpg[...]
Which camera should you buy?
In this video you’ll get tips for buying a digital camera that’s perfect for you. So, you’re looking for a[...]
Mode dial: Which exposure mode should you use?
Your camera’s exposure mode dial is probably the most daunting of the controls on your camera — especially if you're new[...]
Capture a photo from video
You can easily capture a photo from your video clips that were taken with any kind of camera, including your[...]
Two ways to add drama to an overcast sky
In this video I show you a couple of ways to add texture and drama to a dull and boring[...]
Small Camera = Big Joy
A couple years back I got my first high-end small mirrorless camera. That's me holding it in the picture. I wanted you[...]
How to shoot great skateboarding photos
  I’d rather be skateboarding than doing almost anything. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you may have[...]
Ruth’s first hybrid portrait
I'm pleased to welcome Ruth Bergen Braun to the ImageMaven blog. In this post Ruth relays her experiences from her first[...]
The making of a hybrid portrait
What is a hybrid portrait? A hybrid portrait is the combining of still photos and short video clips. The result[...]
Using the built-in Creative Monochrome filters in your Lumix camera
I love taking photo walks with my small camera! When I'm on a photo walk I leave my cell phone[...]
What camera gear should you take on holidays?
I got this question from one of my students: Marlene, I hope you don't mind giving me your opinion on[...]
Use your camera’s creative modes, and have more fun taking photos!
  Since my switch from dSLR to mirrorless, I've enjoyed playing with the built-in creative jpg features of my Lumix[...]
Location + Light = Photographer’s Delight
When you shoot outdoors, on location, it's always a crap shoot when dealing with the weather and the light. In[...]
Turn any photo shoot into a video story
I was recently hired to do a photo shoot of Lexus, a high school grad, that's a senior for my[...]
Edit your photos in the camera
The more I use my Lumix GH3 mirrorless camera, the more I enjoy editing the photos in the camera. Pre-processing[...]

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