About ImageMaven

marlene-hielema-sait-photoMarlene Hielema is a photographer, photo educator, Lumix Lover, skateboarder, and the creator and personality behind ImageMaven.com.

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This is what my right people are like:

Beginner photographers:  Overwhelmed with too many options

You’ve just got your digital camera and you are overwhelmed by all the features your camera has. You don’t have a clue where to start. Check out these resources:

  • My free e-course covers all the basics of digital camera set-up, using available light and composition.
  • If my free e-course was too technical for you, you might like this instead: Point Shoot Wow which is perfect for people using point-and-shoot cameras.

Intermediate photographers: Ready for more

I dive deep into the workings of Lumix Mirrorless cameras – specifically Lumix G9, G100 and some older Lumix bodies. You’re ready to explore some topics in more depth.

  • You’re an avid bird photographer
  • You’re into skateboarding and other wheeled sports and like to take photos of your friends


Marlene Hielema - Photographer on the jobA little more specific info about me

Education: I have a BAA (Bachelor of Applied Arts) from Ryerson University (1990) where I gained a formal education in photography, and an MCS (Master of Communications Studies) degree from the University of Calgary (2004) where I researched the effects of the Internet and digital technologies on commercial photographers.

I am self taught in computer imaging technology, but have taken formal classes in HTML, magazine writing, film making and desktop publishing, plus I have attended many Adobe software seminars over the years. I am a voracious reader of magazines, books, and blogs on the technical, social and design aspects of technology.

I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

My personal photography portfolio is here on Red Bubble.