Photo Fundamentals Online Course

Photo fundamentals

In this course you will learn the timeless concepts for more creative photography: lens optics, depth of field, and controlling shutter speed.

You are overloaded with mediocre imagery. So am I!

Your phone is probably full of some or all of these things:

  • pet photos
  • too many selfies in terrible light
  • badly timed baby photos
  • poorly executed vacation photos

You have an adjustable digital camera, a dSLR perhaps, and you enjoyed taking photos with it. But your iPhone is just so handy and it’s always with you.

Is this you?

You’d like to re-commit to photography and using that adjustable camera.

Maybe you’re not sure where to start or how to get past the automatic settings of your adjustable camera.

Go beyond what your cell phone can do, and learn how to get more memorable photos that people actually stop and look at for more than a swipe. Understanding the fundamentals of photography is going to unlock those creative elements for you.


  1. The course starts with a review of digital camera basics from my free email course, just to make sure you have no lingering questions. You will review important camera menus like picture size, picture quality, ISO, white balance and exposure basics. And you’ll also learn the best system for photography critiques.
  2. Then you’ll learn about optics and how your lens focal length can change your perspective and how that can bias your understanding of what’s happening in the picture.
  3. In Lesson 3 you’ll learn depth of field. You’ll uncover the secrets to getting both shallow, and deep depth of field. It’s much more than buying a fast lens with a big f/stop.
  4. Lesson 4 teaches three techniques for capturing action and motion in your photos. Great for shooting sports and anything that moves.

All of the lessons include practical assignments so you will be able to put what you’ve learned into practice immediately.

When you are finished this course you will understand how to set lens focal length, and know how to adjust f/stops and shutter speeds to enhance the creativity in your photographs.

photo fundamentals

Unlike most online courses, I don’t force you to join a Facebook group to upload your photo assignments, or ask me questions.

Everything to do with this course is contained within the teaching platform that I use, called Ruzuku.

I’ve been using Ruzuku since 2010 to teach all of my online courses.

Start now!

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photography fundamentals


1. What do you need to take the Photo Fundamentals course?

  • Enthusiasm
  • Desire to learn more about photography
  • Some time dedicated to complete the assignments
  • Any adjustable camera – dSLR, Mirrorless, Bridge camera. You need to be able to adjust the f/stops and shutter speed to get the most out of this course.

2. How long does it take to finish?

  • You will receive all the course content within 2 weeks.
  • A new lesson is delivered to you every few days.
  • But, if you need more time, you have it. 
  • You can take your time to complete the assignments.
  • You have lifetime access to the course.

Even though this is an independent study course, I’m in the course with you to answer your questions, give you critiques of your assignments, and help you if you get stuck. 

I promise, I won’t abandon you!

3. Who teaches this course?

Hi, I’m Marlene Hielema, and I teach this online course.

I’ve been teaching photography in the classroom since 2001, and online since 2010. If you’ve been poking around his website for any length of time, taken my free email course, or seen any of my YouTube videos, you’re probably familiar with my style of teaching.

I also shoot photos for corporate clients, online retailers and artists. For fun I skateboard, and of course I shoot skateboarding photos too.

My education: I have a BAA (Bachelor of Applied Arts) from Ryerson University (1990) where I gained a formal education in photography, and an MCS (Masters of Communications Studies) degree from the University of Calgary (2004) where I researched the effects of the Internet and digital technologies on commercial photographers. I’m a life-long learner, and always upgrading my photography skills.

What other students have said about this course

Marlene explained the concepts clearly and provided many examples to help me to understand the materials.
I like the assignments. I can practice what I’ve learned and the more I practice, the more I understand the new concepts.
I always had trouble in understanding depth of field. Through the assignment that Marlene gave us, I applied what I had learned in the lesson and I am happy to say that now I get it! 
I love this course because it has an assignment for every lesson, so it forced me to take more pictures than I actually did in your classroom course at SAIT. 
For me it was a lot of review, but I expected that going in. Some of the things were things I had forgotten about, so they were like ‘oh yeah!’ moments.
I’ve never taken an online course before, and this has been a great introduction to that kind of learning. Although much of it was review, there was enough that I needed to re-learn, plus the interaction with the other students in the course was really fun too.  
Marlene delivered what she promised! She was professional, organized and extremely knowledgeable. Fantastic course! This was my first ever online course as well. 
I love that I can do it at home and on my own schedule. As well, I like that I can still interact with other students and the teacher.

Kick start your creativity today!

Price is in US Dollars. You can pay via credit card or PayPal.

Photo fundamentals - action photo