Photography is changing – again!

In the early part of the 21st century, photography went through the digital revolution. In grad school from 2001 to 2004, I studied the effects of digital imaging on professional photographers, and through my research, came to the conclusion that it was an adapt or die situation.

During that time photographers, many of them bitter, felt a loss of control and left the industry. Photo labs closed, the internet exploded, and cameras became much more complicated to operate.

Eventually things settled down and we got used to digital. But the art and business of photography has been forever altered. Now everyone has access to the tools that professionals use, and everyone has the potential to create professional quality images.

Now photography has changed – again

  • We’ve got screens in our pockets with our smart phones
  • We’ve got cameras, video and audio recorders on our phones
  • We edit our photos and videos “in-camera”
  • We shoot broadcast quality video with our smart phones and photo cameras
  • We share photos and videos via social media
  • We learn photography via online courses
  • We learn photography on YouTube

As a result of this second digital wave, again we need to adapt or die. 

Now is not the time to run away. Now is the time to get in on this ahead of the curve.

One way to adapt to the industry changes is to start thinking in terms of hybrid photography

You have all the tools you need already!

  • You can shoot stills
  • You can shoot video with your current camera
  • You can upload files to the internet

Therefore: You can create eProducts! And no video editing skills are required.

It’s that easy!

My friend Suzette Allen sums it up perfectly in this video. Check it out.

So tell me, will you wait and see? Or will you dive in? Because hybrid photography is coming is here!


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