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In this course you will learn simple techniques that will add Wow to your photos


Cameras are pretty smart these days

You don’t need to know too much about photography to get a decent picture — most of the time.

But there’s more to photography than cameras. There’s YOU.

  • Your vision. Your experiences.
  • And you want to capture all that as easily and as beautifully as possible.

In this course you’ll learn all those extra tips that will make all your photos stand out.

It’s just what you need to get over your fear of all the buttons and dials and just get into taking more creative photos.


Topics covered in this course

  • Composition – where to put people and horizons in the frame and advanced tips to get your pictures noticed.
  • Light – learning to see light and use it to your advantage. You’ll learn about quality, quantity and direction.
  • Digital cameras – the automatic settings and a few other things.
  • Flash – how and when to use it.
  • Basic photo editing.
  • Sending photos out to be printed, because you still like prints.
  • And, you’ll learn a few easy technical things, but you won’t be overwhelmed with every feature of your camera.

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This course is for you if:

  • You’ve always wanted to get into photography for the joy of it
  • You have a desire to be more creative with your photography
  • You have an adjustable camera but feels it’s too complicated to use
  • You’re going on an epic holiday and you want to capture beautiful memories of your trip
  • You’re a new parent or grandparent and you want to take better photos of the kids

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And here are some of the added benefits of this course

  • You get assignments to help you practice your skills
  • You will be able to upload your photos and get direct feedback from me, Marlene
  • Everything happens within a fully supported online learning environment — no hopping around to other systems or websites
  • There are no extra apps to load or Facebook groups to join
  • You get lifetime access so you can review the lessons at any time
  • Works on tablets like iPads and Chromebooks. You can even get the course info from your smart phone.

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What about smart phone photography?

Smart phone users will also get a lot out of this course, because this course includes content about composition and light — not just the camera stuff. And you can transfer all of this knowledge to your smart phone photography too.

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The cost of the course is $77 USD.

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