Simple Photo Editing

There are a several apps for simple photo editing online and in this post I’m going to do a mini review of and Read on, and watch the video here to see what I think of each of these online image editing programs.

UPDATE: has closed down since this post was made. is around and is still free, but there are a lot of other online apps available now too. One of my favourites is Snapseed. I use Snapseed on my iPhone for my Instagram photo edits . PicMonkey is also quite popular.

Best features

simple photo editing histogram

You can find iPiccy’s histogram under Levels in the Editor section.

  • It has a histogram, but you need to know where to look for it. See the graphic above. Sorry, I neglected to mention this in the video.
  • The ability to apply a filter or effect to a specific area of your photo. For example you could make your photo black and white, but then bring back some of the colour in parts of it.
  • Multiple un-dos and re-dos. You can undo something you did a few edits back if you change your mind.
  • The full screen view. The site header is small and doesn’t waste any screen real estate.
  • You can remove backgrounds and make them transparent and save as PNG really easily with the Painter feature. (You can’t do that in iPhoto!)

What I don’t like about

  • Nothing! It’s great!

Free tutorials for you if you’re new to photo editing

Part 1: Crop and resize your photos – Watch on YouTube

Part 2: Fix crooked photos. Fix bad exposure – Watch on YouTube

Here’s the whole playlist of free videos for you.


  • Online image editing is an affordable way to edit your images
  • Start with iPiccy if you are a total newbie. More apps are being created all the time.
  • If you have a Mac and use iPhoto, you probably won’t need either of these programs. But if you’re away from your computer or traveling, you could probably use them.
  • To remove a background from your image super easily – use, otherwise you’ll need something like Photoshop Elements or Photoshop CC.

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