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I was recently hired to do a photo shoot of Lexus, a high school grad, that’s a senior for my American friends. (Though in Canada they don’t call us seniors until we hit age 65!)

Have a look at the video story here and then read about the shoot. Don’t forget to click the volume button on the video player if you don’t hear the music.

Here’s the behind the scenes story of the shoot

When I arrived, Lexus was still out getting her hair done. Her cousin drove in from out of town and was on standby with the makeup. And her dad and grandmother were keeping us busy with drinks. All sorts of people started to gather at the house for the occasion, including Lexus’ boyfriend, who realized that he forgot the corsages. OOPS! He quickly drove home and retrieved them.

After an hour had passed, I realized that we were going to be really squeezed for time.

So, I had to be completely prepared. I found a nice area in front of the fireplace that gave me enough room to shoot a small group and it had some natural light coming in as well. Then I scouted out the back yard and to my delight found Lexus’ childhood playhouse with her name painted on it. This would make a perfect spot to pose Lexus in. I imagined the stark contrast between the beautiful girl and her childhood environment.

The makeup was nearly done. The corsages had arrived. And next the dress! Luckily I had taken a few video clips during the chaos as well. They weren’t perfect, but I got a good one of Lexus getting her makeup done.

Once Lexus had her gown on, I had to take charge of the situation, or there would be NO photos.

Of course, that is the photographer’s job. Get everyone jollied up and in position, take the shots of each group, and get them to the banquet on time! No easy feat.

Imagine a stressed out teen with a house full of friends and relatives, having to look calm and beautiful on the biggest day of her life so far.

There were a few last minute tie adjustments and hair touch ups, plus of course the presentation of the corsage.

Once I started shooting the posed shots, it was all over in less than 10 minutes. The limo was waiting!

Despite all the stress and hurrying around, Lexus, and everyone else, looked great in the photos! But before Lexus climbed into her dad’s truck, I managed to sneak her into the back yard to stand beside her childhood playhouse.

That was when I knew I had the shot!

Every photographer strives to get that defining or iconic shot at each shoot. Some of course, work out better than others, and you need to see through the chaos or the sameness of each photo shoot to make that shot happen. A good iconic shots turns an okay shoot into a memorable one. You want to get the shot that they’ll look at in 20 years that will bring back the memories of the day.

Photo shoot details

  • Camera: Lumix GH3
  • Lens: Lumix 12-35mm f2.8
  • Small fill flash for the indoor shots: Lumix DMW FL360L
  • Shot large JPG + RAW files (for insurance) but I never used any of the raw files
  • Shot in Shutter and Aperture priority
  • Used the Portrait colour pre-set on the camera
  • Auto WB (yes, it’s true!!)
  • ISO 200 outdoors to 800 indoors
  • Video clips shot in full auto mode. I literally just pushed the record button.
  • I cropped and did some minor tweaks in Lightroom, but didn’t do any other retouching.
  • The shot at the top of this blog post was edited in Snapseed.

I assembled the video using ProShow Web.

I used the Graduation Diploma theme and adjusted some of the timing of the photos, but it’s pretty much out of the box. That’s what I love about ProShow Web! The templates are so good, I don’t have much extra work to do.

Video Made EasyIf you want to learn how to make your own videos using ProShow Web, check out my course, Video Made Easy.

You can try out the free version of ProShow web to get you started. It’s easy to use and a great way to wow your clients. You can even download your shows and put them on YouTube!



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