Video Made Easy

For photographers who need to simply get into video

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Video Made Easy is perfect for photographers who need to get into video in the most creative, simple, and least expensive way.

You're a photographer. You see the potential of video marketing and sharing.

BUT, you're not really one of those in-front-of-the-camera types.

And you're not a teacher either.

You're a shooter.

You like to create photos, and share photos, and you're itchin' to try video without a whole bunch of new gear to buy or software to learn.

Video is HUGE. Don't get left behind.

Don't get stuck on the technology learning curve.

Start now. Here. Simply.

Course overview

This course is for photographers who want to get started with web video the easy way: Using photos, short video clips and free auto editing software.

Great for events, weddings, holidays, family photo shoots, portraits, and showing your portfolio.

What you'll learn in this view-on-demand course:

  • Defining what a hybrid video is
  • Equipment needed – you can probably start with what you have
  • Preparing for your shoot
  • Camera settings for photos
  • Camera settings for video
  • Video capture size
  • Video frame rate
  • Video codecs
  • Shooting in natural light
  • Tips for shooting day - both stills and video
  • You'll follow me along as I do a hybrid photo-video shoot.

Then you'll learn how to put it all together using ProShow Web, an online web based software for auto-editing and sharing your final video product.

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What you'll be able to do after this training:

  • You'll be able to assemble video presentations from your still photos and video clips
  • You'll be able to show and share those videos on social media or privately with your clients, friends and family
  • You'll finally be able to get on YouTube without ever getting in front of the camera
  • And, you'll no longer be scared of working with video


  • Immediate access to the training with lifetime access and updates
  • Video tutorials
  • A full written outline of the training with notes and specs that are discussed in the video so you can sit back, watch and listen
  • Supplemental videos to enhance your learning

Who is this course for?

  • Photographers of any level, who want to get started with video
  • Photographers with no previous video experience
  • Event photographers looking for a perfect way to distribute event photos to clients
  • Travel photographers making trip diaries to show and share while on the road
  • Real estate photographers - great for showing properties
  • Photographers looking for a great way to show and share their portfolio

Who is this course NOT for?

  • If you need to create teaching videos or talking head videos, this is not the course for you
  • I have other training to help you with talking head videos

What you need for this course:

  • A camera that can shoot both still photos and video clips
  • Computer or mobile device
  • Fast internet connection for using the editing software - which most people have

What you don't need for this course:

  • Video editing experience
  • Fancy video editing software

What is nice to have for this course, but not 100% necessary:

  • Adobe Lightroom 5 or CC
  • Adobe Photoshop CS6 or CC

"Thank you Marlene. I've viewed your course. Great information and well worth the price of admission."

Blair Mann 

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