Photo resolutions for any year

infographic-2013-resolutions-2It’s time to kickstart your photography!

If you haven’t picked up your camera in awhile, don’t wait any longer.

If you’re a bit rusty, you can start by following these ten resolutions to help get you back in “photography mode”. I’ve provided links to other blog posts on my site if you need more of a refresher.

This year:

  1. I will set up my camera menus before I start to shoot a new scene.
  2. I will not use the green mode (full auto)
  3. I will choose the most appropriate image size
  4. I will always use the best quality jpg settings
  5. I will set my ISO according to the brightness of the light I’m shooting in
  6. I will check my histogram when I change scenes
  7. I will learn how to use exposure compensation if my histogram doesn’t look right
  8. I will not use Auto White Balance, but try the pre-sets first
  9. I will get a White Balance tool so I can set up custom white balance
  10. I will read my camera manual if I get stuck

Bonus resolutions for intermediate shooters