What to do after un-boxing your new camera

Watch the video below to learn the best practices after unboxing your new camera.

I’m probably too late. You’ve already taken photos with your new camera…. but just in case, here’s a checklist to follow for future purchases.

picture size

The Picture Size menu of the Lumix GM5

  1. Plug in the battery — plug in the battery as soon as you can. Do not use your camera with the battery partly charged.
  2. Thumb through the owner’s manual — ya right. Who does that? Download the PDF manual.
  3. Once your battery is charged up, format your memory card.
  4. Choose your image size and image quality — if you can’t select those then put the camera into another shooting mode.
  5. Set up your exposure mode…. use the Mode Dial.
  6. If you’re a total beginner – which is who I made this video for – then choose iA or Program.
  7. Set Photo Style – Standard, Vivid, Portrait, BW etc.
  8. If you’re more advanced, put the camera in a semi-auto shooting mode, such as Shutter priority or Aperture priority.
  9. Choose your white balance. AWB is just fine when you’re first playing with your camera. I know, you just want to hear that shutter click.
  10. Set your ISO. Auto ISO is fine to start, but when you’re ready I’ve got some instructions on how to set up manual ISO over here.

The biggest mistake you can make with your new camera is to shoot indoors on a dark winter day.

And you get crappy results, because of low light. You get frustrated because the photos are un-inspiring.

If you want to build up your confidence, go outside for a photo walk during the day. Take photos on auto mode and then work with the mode dial.

Just shoot. Get a feel for the camera. Go to a café and review your photos over your favourite beverage.

Repeat a few times until you are really comfortable with your new camera.



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