Photography is like skateboarding

Marlene Hielema in the skate park

I have a confession to make: I was a teenage skateboarder (and in my mind I still am). I was probably more into skateboarding than photography. I read all the skateboarding magazines, and had tear sheets and posters of skateboarding plastered all over my bedroom walls. I practiced 360’s every spare moment, and had contests with my brothers on who could do the most 360’s in a row.

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Should I use a flash or get a fast lens?

At some point after you’ve purchased that entry level sub $1000 dSLR kit with a couple of consumer grade zoom lenses, you’re going to want a faster, sharper lens. By faster I mean one with a larger f-stop than the typical f3.5 you’re getting at the wide angle setting of the lens in the kits. Remember, a faster lens lets in more light, so you can you can use a faster shutter speed. That’s where the term comes from.

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Normal, Fine, Superfine!

camera menu

Set up your camera to shoot the best image quality jpgs. To get the best images from your camera, it’s good to understand what all the functions mean and do. This post teaches you about picture quality.

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