i.Dynamic menu in Lumix cameras


If you’ve got a Lumix camera you’ve probably noticed a setting in the menus called i.Dynamic. i.Dynamic is best for outdoor photography, when your tonal range exceeds that which the camera can capture. When you use i.Dynamic, contrast and exposure will be adjusted automatically. It works for videos and jpgs and in all shooting modes, […]

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AI Sky Enhancer Filter in Luminar 2018

Supercharge your photo editing with AI The latest update of the Luminar 2018, includes the addition of the AI Sky Enhancer Filter. I have exciting new for everyone who struggles to create incredible landscape photos. Especially when it comes to improving the sky. The new version of Luminar brings a new unique tool that automatically […]

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Fisheye lens for Lumix and Olympus cameras


In this video I show you how to use the Olympus 9mm Fisheye lens, some sample photos, and my opinion of it. This fisheye lens works on Lumix and Olympus M4/3 mirrorless cameras. This lens is a body cap lens. A body cap lens is not connected to the electronics of the camera. This all-glass […]

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Lumix G9 Burst Modes – Everything you need to know

Lumix G9 Burst Modes

The Lumix G9 burst modes will help you capture even the fastest moving subjects at their decisive moment. Using the Super High Burst modes (SH1 and SH2) you get video speed capture. And, unlike with 6K Video mode, you can shoot raw files in these burst modes. Video 1 – Setting up the Burst Modes of […]

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Beware of Photo Contests


Entering a photo contest is a great way to see how your skills stack up against other photographers. However there are some important things you need to look out for in the terms and conditions of every contest before submitting your photos. Here’s my photo contest experience A big skateboarding pop-up event rolls into my […]

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How to Test your Camera ISO

ISO test

In this video I show you how to test your camera ISO. If you use an ISO that’s too high, you will get a lot of digital NOISE in your photos. Sometimes this looks like pixelation or grain. But it’s noise caused by using a very high ISO. If you shoot sports, action or in low […]

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Panasonic Lumix G9 – First Impressions

Lumix G9 First Look photo

In this video I give an overview and my first impressions of the new Lumix G9. I just purchased this camera and as of the time of this post, have used it on four photo shoots. This is Part 1, in a series of posts about this flagship camera from Panasonic. It’s hard not to put […]

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What to do after un-boxing your new camera

What to do after unboxing your camera

Watch the video below to learn the best practices after unboxing your new camera. I’m probably too late. You’ve already taken photos with your new camera…. but just in case, here’s a checklist to follow for future purchases. Plug in the battery — plug in the battery as soon as you can. Do not use […]

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Should you shoot jpg or raw?

jpg raw

In this video I’m going to tackle the biggest debate in photography history: jpg vs. raw. The issue of jpg vs. raw files is one that can really divide photographers.  I’ve been through the roller coaster of shooting raw files 100% of the time, then dropped to 0% raw files. I used to call my […]

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