Edit your photos using Luminar – Part 1

Luminar Icon

What the heck is Luminar? Luminar is stand-alone photo editing desktop application. This is the first in a series of tutorials I’m creating on Luminar. You’ll learn the basics of the interface and how to use dramatic filter pre-sets. If you don’t want to cough up monthly fees to Adobe for Photoshop and Lightroom CC, […]

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Lighting tips for skateboarding photos

lighting tips

If you use lighting in dramatic and creative ways, your skateboarding photos will pop out above the rest. Read the video transcript. Okay let’s dive into lighting tips for skateboard photography. The lighting I’m talking about is 100% Natural – Also known as available light. I use natural light 100% of the time for my […]

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Skate photography: The 3 things I worry about the most

skateboarding photos

This is Part 1 of a series of video lessons on taking better skateboarding photos. In this vlog I teach you the three things I worry about the most when shooting skateboarding photos. They are: Shutter speed Capturing the decisive moment Composition Shutter speed basics Typically with skateboarding photos, the skaters are frozen in the shot […]

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Photography. Just for fun.


Shooting entirely for fun with no one but yourself to please, creates a wonderful freedom. That’s what I’ve been consciously doing the past 18 months. A couple of years ago I started skateboarding. You probably know that. Skateboarding goes in hand with skateboarding photography. When I’m skateboarding I’m also shooting skateboarding just for fun! My spirit […]

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365 Reflections


I’m done! My 365 project, which I introduced to you here on October 13, 2016 concluded June 2, 2017 with this photo. Our 365 Facebook group began in early summer 2016 with 33 participants, each with an album. Twelve of those never really got started — less than 10 photos uploaded. A number of them […]

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The introverts guide to photography

Introvert guide photography

Most of us can’t claim photographer as our day job. We do other work which pays the bills — but that work often drains us. Many of us are also on the introvert side of the introvert/extrovert spectrum. Introversion is usually defined in relation to extroversion. Extroverts are energized by other people. That is, their […]

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Mode dial: Which exposure mode should you use?

mode dial easy

Your camera’s exposure mode dial is probably the most daunting of the controls on your camera — especially if you’re new to photography. The mode dial is where you make exposure choices. The word, exposure, or exposure value (Ev) is a photo term that describes the quantity of light, or brightness. In photography, exposure in your photo is […]

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Take in the Good

the good

One of our favourite lessons in Take a Break: Photography for Self-care is Lesson 4, Take in The Good. Our students agreed and some have shared that the concept of intentionally looking for The Good — and using their cameras to do so — has remained with them long after they completed the course. Does […]

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Capture a photo from video

capture photo from video

You can easily capture a photo from your video clips that were taken with any kind of camera, including your mirrorless camera, 4K camera, dSLR, GoPro, or your iPhone. The video here shows you how to capture photos in Photoshop CC as well as Adobe Lightroom. These methods are better than making a screen capture, […]

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