Design Your Own Photo Retreat

After my latest retreat I started a discussion and posted photos on ImageMaven’s facebook page about my experiences and the benefits of doing a retreat. Two photographers, Laurie and Jackie, were inspired by that discussion and took up the challenge to plan and do their own photo retreat. They came back to the Facebook page to report their success and share their photos.

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Lens Hoods: Tube vs. Tulip

I got this question from a blog reader: I noticed that you use the ‘Tulip’ style lens hood. I have always gone under the assumption that a ‘Solid’ style hood provides more protection from the sun. Am I wrong in my assumption?

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Location + Light = Photographer’s Delight

When you shoot outdoors, on location, it’s always a crap shoot when dealing with the weather and the light. In most parts of Alberta you can usually count on super blue skies and bright sun all year round. But forest fires in the mountains meant that it was the exact opposite at a recent family […]

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Experiment with Shadows and Highlights

Shadow photo

This tutorial on shadows and highlights is kind of like a reverse silhouette. The other day while getting ready to shoot a video, I had a happy accident. This is what I saw in my viewfinder! Cool eh? You can see that my photo is extremely overexposed in the highlights, yet the shadow is “normally” […]

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