Hybrid video: Nerd Roller Skates

I’ve been talking about this hybrid photography stuff for long enough! Now I’m going to start sharing some real life client jobs.

Here’s the video I created for Nerd Roller Skates

The key is to keep these short and sweet and just enough to get people clicking on the client’s website.

A review: Hybrid = Photos + Video Clips + Audio

Just to clarify, I’m not a full blown video production studio, I’m a photographer who is taking advantage of the video button on my mirrorless camera. Simple!

Here’s the process I use for creating hybrid videos

  1. Shoot photos like you always do, but shoot jpgs using continuous lights or available light outdoors.
  2. Shoot some short video clips at the same time, and because you shot jpgs in the first step, your photos and video clips will match in colour and quality.
  3. Capture audio of the talking heads (if you use them) or used canned audio from a paid or free source. Just make sure you have permission to use it. Pop songs are not allowed, so just ignore your iTunes library.
  4. Trim video clips in Lightroom, or your favourite video editing software.
  5. Editing Option A: Assemble the clips and still photos using auto editing software such as ProShow Web – fast and easy option for events. Best for total beginners to hybrid imaging and those who shoot life’s events. 
  6. Editing Option B:  Custom edit your video using iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premier (or Premier Elements), Camtasia, Screenflow, Movie Maker or any video editing software. Best for higher budget hybrid jobs and photographers who have lots of time on their hands and can charge big bucks for it.
  7. Deliver a link to the final video. NOT the video itself. Most of your clients do not know what to do with the actual video. BUT they’ll be able to link, share and embed their video on websites, social media and PR marketing email blasts.

I use all of the editing methods outlined above, depending on the budget and the client’s needs.

Don’t forget to give Nerd Roller Skates some love by visiting their website and online store.

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