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If you contact me, please note that I only answer business enquiries, paying client and my student questions via email.

YouTube video comments

If you have any questions about my YouTube content or relating to any YouTube videos, please leave them in the video comments. I cannot reply to emails.

Product reviews

If you have created something that you want me to try out, review or help you sell, feel free to drop me an email using my contact form. If I think it’s a good product, and if I think my readers will be interested, I will be happy to review and possibly recommend your product or service.┬áIf it’s not a good fit with me, my morals, my business or my readers, I will have to decline.

Problems with Raw Files

If you have questions about opening your camera raw files, please read this page in its entirety and try every step. I cannot reply to emails.

Comments or questions are welcome.

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