In search of the perfect camera bag

photo of crumpler bag

As a photographer you are probably always in search of the perfect camera bag. Over the past 30+ years I’ve collected many styles of bags. In fact I think I have more bags than shoes! I’ve got:

  • Bags that hold one camera
  • Bags that hold everything
  • Bags for laptops + cameras
  • Bags that have roller wheels and fit in carry-on luggage compartment
  • Bags for traveling light for camera + iPad + water bottle
  • Stylish bags
  • Practical bags
  • Ugly bags – lots of those

Hunting for another new bag

As you may know, I just got a new camera, the Lumix GH3. It’s a pretty small camera and I was looking for a small bag to keep it protected on an upcoming cycling trip. I want to keep the camera accessible for those point and shoot moments.

Then along came Love Cases

Love Cases recently contacted me to offer me a free camera bag. Great timing! Check out the video below for my demo and review.

Love Cases has a huge selection of camera bags on their well organized website. Pretty much every camera bag you’d ever want. And the best part; they deliver world wide. I got to pick any bag I wanted. I headed straight for the Crumplers.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Crumpler bags. I have two others in my collection. So I ended up ordering the Quick Escape 150. One of the selling features was the all-weather cover, which I’ll need on my cycling trip for those rainy days.

Tight fit

As you can see from the video demo, this bag was a little tight for this particular camera, but I think I can work with it. I love the padding, strong zippers and the fact that they are hand crafted and include 1200% Crumpler Love.

Love Cases ships world wide

The bag got here in less than a week. They’re in the UK and I’m in Calgary, Canada. I did have to pay GST though, which happens every time you mail-order something from a business in another country. I can’t be avoided, and it says that on their website. Of course those rules vary by country.

Would I shop there again?

Oh, yes I would. I love the Love Cases website. Great selection. Worth checking out.