Custom Photo Backdrops – by Photo Pie

I’ve been looking for urban-themed photo backdrops for my photo and video shoots for a long time.

When I found out about Photo Pie Backdrops, I was super stoked.

Photo Pie has hundreds, maybe even thousands of photo realistic backdrop designs. And the best part, they are all custom printed to the size and design you want. No more buying cheezy outdated looking backdrops.

Watch the video to get the whole scoop.

There were so many good designs to choose from, that it took me awhile to decide. What do you think of the one I chose? It’s a water-washed distressed concrete.

The best part about Photo Pie

You can give them your own background photo to print on their fabric. So, if you’ve got that funky urban scene in your own city, or you’ve got a special event that needs a specific backdrop, say with a logo on it, you can get Photo Pie to custom produce the backdrop for you.

Photo Pie uses Dye Sublimation printing. Dye Sub gives it a brilliant, colourfast image while still making it washable and dryable. Not that I plan on getting mine dirty, but if you or your models have an accident, all is not lost.


Fabric choices

Photo Pie backdrops are 100% polyester. They offer 3 different fabric types: Jersey cloth, Inspira cloth, and Prisma cloth.

I chose the Jersey cloth as I was worried about wrinkles, as I do mostly on-location shooting. The InspiraCloth is also virtually wrinkle-free.

On seeing the fabric samples together, I know that any of these fabrics would have worked for me. And if you do get wrinkles, you can steam them out, by tumbling with a damp towel in your home dryer.

  • Jersey Cloth is like sweatshirt material.
  • Inspire Cloth is quite thick, opaque and can be printed on both sides.
  • The Prisma Cloth is the most economical of the three. It’s a bit thinner than the others.

If you need a printed logo or some text on your backdrop, I’d suggest the InspiraCloth or the PrismaCloth. The print is a bit sharper.

The Jersey cloth gives the softest look to your image, but only marginally. I think it works great.

You can get any size of backdrop you need. And you can get it configured top and bottom with the dimensions you require. I chose a 6 x 10 foot size with 6 feet on the top portion and 4 feet on the floor.

Photo pie backdrop corner

PhotoPie backdrops have a wall and a floor to them, so they are great for working in corners if your subject is standing or sitting on the floor. You can also set them up in a sweep so that there is no corner. This is great for scenes with a deep environment that is behind your subjects.

You can also get the wall only part if you don’t need to include floor space in your set. Great for head shots and talking head videos.

PLUS, you can get a floor mat made using the bottom part of your design. The floor mat option is great if you have a lot of traffic in your studio, such as children who may trip or slip on a fabric backdrop.

photo of pole pocket

All backdrops come with sewn in pole pockets so no need for clips. There is ample room for a large diameter pole inside too.

Written instructions and tips are also included with your backdrop.

AND they have really cool pens!

Now make sure you go and check out Photo Pie backdrops today.

Order your free fabric samples and have fun picking out a design.

I’d love to hear what design and fabric you chose in the comments.

p.s. The customer service at Photo Pie is excellent!