Edit your photos in the camera

windmill photo Marlene Hielema ImageMaven

This photo came directly out of the camera and no edits were made except to add the text and re-size it for this web page. Lumix GH3. Monochrome mode. Square aspect ratio.

The more I use my Lumix GH3 mirrorless camera, the more I enjoy editing the photos in the camera. Pre-processing the photos saves me a ton of time and if I shoot video clips, I know they are going to match the jpg photos.

I have to admit, being a long time raw shooter, this change was hard to make, and it took me a long time to trust the camera.

Marlene Hielema photo Calgary downtown

Again, this photo came directly out of the camera. Shot with Lumix GH3 on Impressive Art mode. Square aspect ratio.

For years I’ve been teaching, preaching and practicing shooting and editing raw files.

When I first heard the mention of shooting jpgs with my Lumix cameras, I thought, No way! Not me!

Raw files are sooo much better, why would I compromise?

Here’s why:

  • Like I said from the outset, I save time.
  • I also save hard drive space, and my hard drives are getting full of video clips, so I need all the space I can get.
  • My videos and photos always match in colour and exposure.
  • I get to use the built in creative modes, like Impressive Art as shown in the photo.
  • I can pre-crop my photos. In the case of these shots I chose the square aspect ratio.
  • The camera actually does a really great job of processing the jpgs. Files can go from the camera to the photo lab and my prints look perfect.
  • And it’s fun to experiment and get instant gratification.

Every digital camera can shoot jpgs!

Look into your menus and check out some of the creative modes, the aspect ratio and the colour modes. Experiment with pre-processing and leave those raw files behind!

geese flying Marlene Hielema ImageMaven

I used the Vivid colour mode for this shot of these Canada geese. It’s really important to pay attention to your in-camera composition if you don’t want to edit your photos.

So, will you be trying out in-camera photo editing? Let me know in the comments.

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