Get Better Backgrounds in your Videos

Get white, black and green screen backgrounds using only two lights.

Do you love the look of a clean white background on your photos and videos? 

  • Do you like the look of the video above?
  • Have you been struggling with how to get that kind of lighting?
  • Do you have lighting gear and haven't quite got it set up to get a white background?
  • Has your Cowboy Studio kit let you down?
  • Do you want professional looking talking head videos for your YouTube channel?
  • Are you a small business or DIY video maker who needs to create your own videos on a budget?

If you answered yes to most of the questions above, then you're in the right place.

In this training I teach you how to get that clean white background using only two lights.

  • It works with CFL lighting kits -- like the Cowboy kits for video and still photos
  • It works with LED lights for video and still photos
  • It works with strobe lights and flash for still photos
  • And you can even use daylight if you're lucky enough to have a shooting space with lots of natural light, but it's better if you have lights.

A white background begins with the camera settings. If you have any kind of adjustable camera, you can get great results — handy-cam, dSLR, mirrorless, M4/3 point & shoots — even your iPhone camera! This will even work with GoPro cameras and any camera, as long as the camera is adjustable.

Plus – You'll get a lesson on how to properly set up for shooting Green Screen video

People seem to think that you can just cut out the background using a green screen or chroma key. But the truth is, the same problems exist and the same theory applies as when shooting on white backgrounds.

Also included – You'll get a bonus video about using the free Camera Awesome App for your iPhone, iPad and Android device.

And... I've just added – How to Get Solid Black Backgrounds


Maybe white isn't your color? It's too stark. You're a dark horse, dramatic and mysterious. Black is your background of choice. I teach you how to set that kind of background lighting up too.

So now you have three different types of backgrounds you'll learn to work with in this training: White – Black – Green screen


And I'm not going to abandon you. I'm in the course with you, and I will personally answer your questions if you get stuck. You can even post your videos for me to see, right within the course.

Start now: This is view on demand training. 

White Background + Green Screen + Black Background 

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You can be shooting videos with better backgrounds in a couple of hours

Here's your chance to raise the bar on your video production. You don't want to look like a "do it your-selfer" working away in your basement. No! Instead, you want to look more like you're shooting videos in a professional studio. Your investment for all this training is only $27 US.

Get better backgrounds

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