Luminar 2018 and RAW Files


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Don’t let Adobe hold your raw files hostage, while you wait for updates to the Camera Raw plugin.

Is Adobe holding your raw files hostage? In this video I show you how Luminar 2018 can open raw files from brand new cameras that aren’t even for sale yet! Yes, you heard that right.

So why does this matter?

The Camera Raw help page on my website is the most visited page ever. And the video on that web page is the most watched video in the history of my YouTube channel. So I know this is a problem a lot of people have.

If you got a new camera, and shoot raw files, you probably know that it usually takes Adobe 1-2 months to update their Adobe Camera Raw plugins in LightRoom and Photoshop.

You probably didn’t know this, but Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom are not the only apps that open Raw files.

The software that comes with your new camera will also open those raw files. But it’s not usually very sophisticated. So we wait for Adobe to make the updates.

Luminar 2018 opens your raw files from brand new cameras!

Oops — Not quite….

So as you can see from my second video, we still have to wait for Adobe and Luminar to update their Camera Raw engine.

List of supported camera raw files is here.

Lumix G9 camera

I had the pleasure of working with Calgary photographer, Larry Hilderman.

Just a few days ago Lucky Larry got his hands on a pre-production Lumix G9 camera. You can’t even buy this camera in Canada until January.

Larry generously loaned me some of his Lumix G9 raw files to play with. These are 20MP files.


  • Are you going to wait for Adobe to update their Raw Plugins when you get a new camera?
  • Or are you going to get Luminar 2018, or Aurora 2018 instead?

Luminar 2018 is now available for pre-order

  • You can pre-order Luminar 2018 at a discount, and get a bunch of bonuses — But just until November 15, 2017. You will be able to start using the software on November 16.
  • If you missed the pre-order, after November 15, use this link and my discount code: imagemaven to get the sale price.

Want to know more about Luminar 2018?

Read my previous blog post.

  • Luminar 2018 is available for Mac and Windows.
  • Lots of updates coming to Luminar in 2018 including Digital Asset Management


Lumix Storytellers

Larry Hilderman and I are both Lumix Storytellers. So go and check out our work on the Lumix Stories Website.