Luminar AI is Here

Luminar LOGO

Luminar AI is the latest iteration of the image editing software by Skylum.

I got my hands on a Beta copy of Luminar AI and I have a few videos to share with you. Skylum typically has major upgrades just ahead of the holiday buying season, and this year was no different.

Luminar AI is a total rebuild of the popular software.

The new Luminar has many AI functions, that is artificial intelligence. What that means is that the software will evaluate your images and give you a starting point. This is done with Templates. You can leave it at that, or modify to suit your taste.

  • Luminar AI Templates are not at all like the Presets you find in Lightroom. Presets are more generic and dump a bunch of edits on images that might not even suit them.
  • Luminar AI Templates are smarter. The software evaluates the image and bases the suggested edits on what category it fits into: portrait, scenic, street, food, etc.
  • But there are also individual tools that have AI built in such as Enhance AI, and Skin AI, which make portrait editing a breeze.

I’ve got three demo videos on this new software. Have a look.

Video One – First look at Luminar AI


Video Two – Edit Raw files with Luminar AI


Video Three – Luminar AI vs Lightroom and Photoshop – Can you quit Adobe?


Who is Luminar AI for?

I use Luminar AI to add the creative juice to my photos. I’m not a natural born artist. I understand light and composition because of my photography. But please don’t hand me a pencil or a paintbrush.

Luminar solves problems. It’s about getting results easily.

  • It’s great for beginners.
  • Easy sliders.
  • No layers.
  • Preview all edits quickly and see the split screen or before and after with a click.
  • Easy portrait edits with skin, eyes, lips and face light.
  • Brand new cropping tool and even AI Composition.

It’s a ton of fun to use too. Don’t forget to watch those videos! You’ll see how easy it is to use.

Check it out for yourself.

If you buy Luminar AI make sure you use my coupon code: IMAGEMAVEN and you’ll get $10 off the purchase price.