Lumix G9 Firmware Update 2.0

In late 2019, Panasonic did firmware updates on several of it’s cameras, including the GH5, GH5s, G9 and others. This video shows you how to update your Lumix G9 camera’s firmware. The process is similar for all Lumix cameras.

For the full list of Lumix firmware updates see this link from Panasonic

Lumix Firmware Update videos

This firmware update brings the Lumix G9 up to a new level of functionality. The new pro features keep this camera in the top tier for both photography and video capture. I’m super excited to share these updates with you.

I’ve made a few other videos on the new updates. You can watch them below or directly on YouTube.

The New AWBw

Previous to this version, the Lumix G9 had two auto white balance settings. AWB and AWBc. I’ve made a video about this in the past. But with the addition of the AWBw setting, things have been taken up a notch.

Watch the Video below

Variable Frame Rate

This is something that I’ve been wishing for on the Lumix G9 forever! With the update, you now have the ability to capture video clips at slower or faster than normal. Super fun to play with, especially if you upload your video clips directly to social media.

Watch the video below

New Auto Focus

The most notable upgrade to focus is the addition of the Animal Detection function. If you’re a wildlife photographer or a birder, your’e going to love this one. I’ve not done any videos on Auto Focus of the Lumix G9, so this one covers the new firmware as well as the auto focus features that were already there.

Watch the video below

Get the expanded Lumix G9 camera manual

If you want to learn about all of the Firmware 2.0 updates of the Lumix G9, you can find them at the back of the owners manual. You can find that here.

What is your favourite Lumix firmware update?

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