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marlene-hielema-sait-photoMarlene Hielema is a photographer, photo educator, Lumix Lover, skateboarder, and the creator and personality behind ImageMaven.com.

Watch this fun video I made for YouTube which shares what I do.

How to flow through ImageMaven.com

  1. Start with the blog posts
  2. If you like my style of writing and teaching, grab my free e-course.
  3. If you’re not really into camera menus and dials but still want to create great photos, check out Point Shoot Wow, which is my online course for total beginners looking for some basic instruction on photography.
  4. After the free e-course, a natural progression is my Photo Fundamentals course. In this course you’ll learn the fundamentals of photography including in-depth instruction on f/stops, depth of field, and shutter speed. This course has assignments and provides lots of opportunity for feedback.
  5. I have helped thousands of people open their raw files. If you’ve tried shooting raw files, but get stuck with software not working, this tutorial will help you.
  6. Follow me on Instagram where I post all of my creative skateboarding photographs.
  7. Check out my YouTube channel for weekly photography and video tutorials, and if you watched that video at the top of this page, you’ll get an idea of my YouTube style.
  8. Take pictures. Have fun! Don’t forget to have fun – very important!

Here are the types of people I resonate best with:

  • You think photography is awesome and fun!
  • You like to learn new things. You like to take courses.
  • You’re creative. You have keen interests or perhaps a business doing photography, cooking, gardening, scrap-booking, writing, quilting, weaving, painting, sculpting, printmaking, drawing, film making, or you’re a Photoshop whiz.
  • You love learning about photography and how it interconnects with your other creative interests.
  • You’re not afraid of the technical stuff, at least when it comes to your creativity.
  • You sometimes need help with the technical stuff and you’re looking for a person who can relate to your creative side, to teach you all that.
  • You’re open to new ideas related to your creative interests.
  • You like to share your photography and your creativity with others.
  • You’re interested in photography for self-care
  • You like the colour green (as in those green shirts I wear in my bio photos)

If you thought, “Yes that’s me,” to most of the things in this list, then you’re probably in the right place and we’re right for each other.

You can start by reading my blog posts.

This is what my right people are like:

Beginner photographers:  Overwhelmed with too many options

You’ve just got your small digital camera or your dSLR and you are overwhelmed by all the features your camera has. You don’t have a clue where to start. Check out these resources:

  • My free e-course covers all the basics of digital camera set-up, using available light and composition.
  • If my free e-course was too technical for you, you might like this instead: Point Shoot Wow which is perfect for people using point-and-shoot cameras.
  • You wish to use photography for self-care

Intermediate photographers: Ready for more

You’re good friends with your camera, but now you’re ready to explore some topics in more depth:

You’ve been in my ACAD, SAIT or Red Deer College class and you’ve met me in person.

  • You liked my style of teaching and you want to take more courses that I teach.
  • You subscribed to my free photo lessons and you’ve taken my online courses too.

If this is you, that’s really awesome. I hope you’ve subscribed and followed, and I hope to connect and converse with you soon!


Marlene Hielema - Photographer on the jobA little more specific info about me

Education wise, I have a BAA (Bachelor of Applied Arts) from Ryerson University (1990) where I gained a formal education in photography, and an MCS (Master of Communications Studies) degree from the University of Calgary (2004) where I researched the effects of the Internet and digital technologies on commercial photographers.

I am self taught in computer imaging technology, but have taken formal classes in HTML, magazine writing, film making and desktop publishing, plus I have attended many Adobe software seminars over the years. I am a voracious reader of magazines, books, and blogs on the technical, social and design aspects of technology.

I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

My personal photography portfolio is here on Red Bubble.

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