Is it time to outsource your photo editing?


Many of us photographers take pride in shooting as well as editing our photos. We think we are the best person to put forth our creative vision.

But there may come a time when we want to outsource parts of our workflow. We seem to have no problem hiring assistants and second shooters for big shoots like weddings. And most of use outsource our printing to professional photo labs.

Photo editing seems to be harder to let go of.

If you’d rather shoot photos than spend hours upon hours in front of a computer, maybe it’s time to outsource. Outsourcing your photo editing can also leave you time for other business tasks like marketing and meeting clients, not to mention, family and recreational activities. Many photographers have a hard time achieving a balanced lifestyle and outsourcing your photo editing can help.

In this interview with Vancouver-based photographer Jarusha Brown, we discuss Jarusha’s recent move to outsourcing her photo editing.

We discuss:

  • Why she chose to outsource at this time in her photography career
  • Who Jarusha uses
  • The benefits of outsourcing

Have a look at this YouTube video interview:

  • Have you ever considered outsourcing?
  • Do you currently outsource any aspects of your photography?

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