Spontaneous Photo Walk Calgary, July 2

Photo of woman on photo walk

Come and join me for a photo walk in Inglewood this weekend!

Fresh off a 3-week holiday in the Netherlands I’m still in the mood to take pictures. I spent most of June on my own photo walks around Amsterdam and smaller towns in the north part of Holland, and I’m just not ready to get back to serious work yet. I know we don’t need many reasons to get out and take photos, but here are some.

Good weather

Last night after seeing the weather report for the weekend I thought, “hey let’s have a spontaneous Photo Walk this weekend.”


I know it’s a holiday weekend in Canada, so many of you may not be around. That’s okay. If we only have a few people participating, I’m okay with that too!

Group effort

Sometimes it’s good to just get out and take photos for fun, but sometimes it’s hard to get motivated to do that. Being on a photo walk is a great way to get motivated. If you’re a bit on the introverted side (welcome to my world) don’t be shy. Photography attracts a lot of introverts. So while you may be on a photo walk you’ll be able to veer off the chosen path and discover the sights on your own too. You won’t feel silly walking around with a camera because there will be other people around you doing the same thing.

Share and learn

People of all levels can join in photo walks, even if you just have a basic camera. I will give you some basic guidance if you’re stuck on something, but so can other people in the walk. Don’t be afraid to ask people for help and give tips to other people too!

This is an open minded and friendly event. If you see someone taking some interesting shots, ask to see them on the back of their camera. Offer people to see yours too!

I want to keep things simple, so I suggest you do too. Take a minimum amount of gear along. These are personal photos. Concentrate on shooting things like line, shape, form, texture, details and look for interesting patterns of light and shadow. Work on your timing.

photo of Inglewood sidewalk

100 year-old piece of sidewalk in historic Inglewood

Great location – Inglewood

This photo walk will be in Inglewood. Why Inglewood? It’s eclectic and there is a lot of variety in a small area.

  • Funky inner city neighbourhood
  • Friendly people live there
  • Old sandstone buildings
  • Lots of small interesting shops
  • Lots of restaurants
  • Free parking on the side streets
  • Close to Crossroads Farmer’s Market – head over there after the walk

Time frame: 10am to Noon

The walk will start at 10am on Saturday July 2, 2011. It will last until noon. Feel free to stay longer or stay in the neighborhood for lunch or a snack with other people that you meet on the walk.

I haven’t made any arrangements with any restaurants in the area, so you’re on your own after noon.

You in?

Sign up using the form below if you are interested in participating in this photo walk. You will receive details about the meet-up location after you sign in.

There will be no charge for this event.


The walk was a huge success! Have a look at some of our photos in this Flickr group gallery.


Here’s the gang that went on the Photo Walk


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