Hands-free Selfies with your Lumix Camera

Create selfies and self-portraits using this fun and easy method with your Lumix camera. Totally hands-free!

If you can’t see this video, watch it on YouTube

If you have a Lumix camera, you can use the Lumix Sync App or the Panasonic Image App as a remote shutter release. But using my selfie method will give you hands free shooting, which is much better especially if you’re holding pets, children or other items in your shots.

Camera set up for shooting Automatic Selfies

Step 1: Go to the Time Lapse Shot menu on your Lumix

Go to the Time Lapse menu

​Step 2: Turn Shooting Interval Setting to ON

Turn Shooting Interval Setting to ON

​Step 3: Set your Image Count and the Interval between photos. 

In the video I used 10 photos with 2 seconds between shots.

Set your image count and the interval between shots

Final Steps

  • When your photos are done it will say Create Video Now. Say No.
  • Review your photos using the Playback button.
  • Choose: Normal Playback​
  • You can download all the photos to your computer.
  • You can shoot raw files or jpgs.

Which Focus Mode should you use?

  • I use Custom Multi focus mode without any special setup.
  • You can use Face/Eye detection if you want.

Practice a few times so that you get into the groove.

Have fun!