Summer Reading 2010

My blog posting may be a bit sporadic for the next while. There is no Internet in the beach house I’m renting in Nova Scotia, and I have not planned well enough to release automatic posts while I’m away, either. I’m hoping to find a Wi-Fi spot at some point during my holidays, but then again, I might just enjoy being unplugged for awhile. In fact, I plan to read some actual books and magazines this summer too!

So, to tide you over here is a short list of a few of my current favourite photography blogs:

Eye Curious


Scott Kelby’s Photoshop Insider blog – No longer published

What the Duck – Photo comic strip

Speedlighting – Canon Flashes – No longer published

Joe McNally’s Blog

Black Star Rising – 12 Excuses for Shooting Photos for Free — and Why They’re Bogus

These are not in any particular order, but they all contain great photographic inspiration from the silly to the serious, and from the philosophical to the technical.

Tell me what you’re reading in the comments!