The big mistake that all beginners make

Lumix-GH3-Lens-cropBeginner photographers think that a new camera, or a better camera, will solve all their photography problems. But that’s not usually true.

There’s a learning curve when you get new gear. And if you’ve come from iPhone photography, or a fully automatic point and shoot camera, then that learning curve will be steep.

I’ve been coaching beginners a lot this year. The number one mistake I’ve noticed them making, is that they shoot under horrible lighting conditions.

What do I mean by horrible?

Shooting in low light situations. For example, indoor dinner parties in darkly lit rooms.

Why is this a problem?

Because, most entry-level cameras have entry-level lenses and those lenses are not the best choice for low light situations. They are great for outdoors in the daytime when there is a lot of light, but indoors, they are the pits! Unless you use a flash — but that’s a whole other learning curve!


How to add light when there isn’t enough to take a good photo

  • Use a flash – use the built in pop up flash is okay, but a larger external one will give much better results
  • Use high ISO – This might add a lot of noise to your photos
  • Get a fast lens – By fast I mean a lens that has a wider aperture – like f1.8 – which will let more light into your sensor. A typical starter lens only opens up to f4.5.

But, I tell people to avoid low light situations when they first get started with a “big” camera because it usually frustrates them, and then they give up.

You need to have some “wins”.¬†Start taking photos outdoors instead.

Take a photo walk on a nice day. Go to your favourite part of town, or a park — some place with lots of character and variety.¬†Make sure you stop for coffee or a bit of window shopping too. Just worry about composition and learn to see the light.

psw-icon-80If you’re not into all the technical mumbo jumbo, but you still want to take better pictures, check out my online course for total beginners. It’s called Point. Shoot. Wow!

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Oh, and don’t forget to have fun!