How to Update your Lumix Camera Firmware

Firmware updates usually happen the first few months after a new camera or lens hits the market. If you have a Lumix camera, here are detailed instructions on how to do the update.

Here are a couple of videos on the topic.

Nov. 2019 saw a lot of Lumix G cameras get updates.

If you can’t see the video, watch here on YouTube.

These demos uses the Lumix G9, but the process is similar for all Lumix Cameras.

Note: If you’re using a Full Frame Lumix camera such as the Lumix S1, or Lumix S1R, then you must turn off the Bluetooth before the firmware update will work.

Lumix Firmware Update Links

Here are the links and detailed instructions from the Lumix Global website

Steps to update your firmware

  • Make sure your camera battery is fully charged or the update won’t work
  • Go to the tools menu
  • Go to Version Display in the tools menu to check your current version of firmware in your Lumix camera
  • Go to the update page on the Panasonic website to check for updates (links above)
  • Format an SD Card (make sure you have the photos archived before doing so)
  • Download the update to your computer
  • Double click the .bin file to decompress it
  • Load the file to your SD card
  • Put the SD card into your camera
  • Hit the Playback button on your camera. The camera will ask if you want to “version up”. Hit yes and the process will automatically begin.
  • It should take about a minute
  • Do not touch any buttons or dials on your camera while the firmware is updating
  • The camera will restart when it’s finished
  • You can go back and check Version Display to see that the firmware update has been applied

And that’s all there is to it.

If you get completely stuck, there are even more detailed instructions on the Panasonic firmware update page.

It’s good to keep your camera firmware updated so that you can take advantage of new features that are added after the initial release of new cameras. 

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